We are an established integrated player in the edible oil business and are a trusted name in the vegetable oil industry across South India, specifically Andhra Pradesh. We have been in this business for over six decades and our expertise spans from oil extraction, refining, oil packaging, warehousing, sales and distribution of our products, in order to fulfill the growing demand and needs of our valued customers. 
We offer a wide range of quality products to our customers ranging from vegetable sunflower cooking oil, Groundnut filtered oil, Groundnut refined oil, acid oil for soaps, lecithin, and animal feed i.e high protein Deoiled cakes. Products are supplied in various packing types to cater to the needs of different consumers. The company believes in producing the best quality products using modern infrastructure and technology and by sourcing the raw material directly from the farmers. Our emphasis on quality and purity has made us a trusted player in the Indian market. We have our manufacturing facilities in Adoni and Mehaboonagar in Andhra Pradesh and have employee strength of 500 people.
IK Group, which started operations in late 1950s, was a small player operating small expellors to crush Ground-nut oil. In late 1990s, the company branched out into solvent extraction of oil from cakes and set up its first solvent plant, IK Extractions, in Adoni. After the success of the solvent plant, the company expanded into refining the edible oil and set up its first refinery, IK Oils, in 2000. Along with refinery, the company also set up the packing unit to sell the refined edible oil under its own brands.  

In order to take control of its supply chain and meet its own sunflower Oil cake requirements, IK Group started a high-tech Seed Crushing Plant at Adoni.  In order to expand geographical presence in other markets and to mitigate supply risk, the company set up a state-of-art solvent extraction unit, Ramana Solvex Private Limited, in Mehaboobnagar, 80 kms from Hyderabad. Continuing with success of the solvent plants, the Group also set up a solvent plant in partnership called Ranakpur Oils and Solvents Private Limited. IK Group’s solvent division markets and sells deoiled cake, a balanced protein and nutrient rich feed, that is consumed by poultry and fisheries across India.

In our packing unit, we also provide packaging services, whereby we pack our edible oil under other companies’ brand name/ package, on job-work/ contract basis.

We have a presence in the retail market through the following brands :-
  • Sunfresh – Refined Sunflower oil
  • Parasmani – Double refined Sunflower oil
  • Nutfresh – Double filtered Groundnut oil
  • Nutfresh Classic – Refined Groundnut oil


The average per capita edible oil consumption of an Indian consumer is around 13kgs/ annum. This is half as compared to world’s average and a third of developed countries average per capita consumption. There is an urgent need to address this problem by making Indian consumers aware of benefits of consuming higher quantity of oil. This will be useful if the oil, that is available, is pure and healthy in nature. The Indian consumer needs to be more aware of the quality of oil he / she is consuming. Oil is the main ingredient in Indian food and thus consuming good quality edible oil can go a long way in keeping one healthy. At the same time, unhealthy consumption can lead to various ailments such as cholesterol, cancer and heart diseases. Our mission as an edible oil producer is to produce highest quality edible oil using the best manufacturing techniques and maintaining highest standards of integrity and transparency in conducting the business. We aspire to be the best in what we do – manufacturing & selling highest-quality edible oil.
We strongly believe in the following values:-
  • Integrity in operations
  • Honesty and Transparency in our dealings
  • Trust and Reliability in our products
Our mission is to expand our business geographically into several regions of India through organic and inorganic route. We are keen on expanding the retail presence of our products and make them more popular among Indian consumers.
IK Group has been recipient of several awards from regulatory authorities. It has been awarded on several instances for achieving excellence in specified categories. Some of the examples are as below:-
  • IK  Extractions received the Best SSI unit award in Kurnool district in the year 2002.
  • IK Oils received the award for the Best Entrepreneur in the state of AndhraPradesh in a specified category. The award was presented by ex-CM of Andhra Pradesh –Late Shri Y S Rajsekhar Reddy.

IK Group comprises of several companies under its umbrella. The structure of IK Group is as below:-

  • Sri Hira Oil Mills, Adoni- Expeller unit
  • IK Extractions, Adoni- Batch process Solvent Plant
  • IK Oils, Adoni – Refinery unit
  • Sri Ramana Solvex Pvt. Ltd, Mehaboobnagar- Continuous process Solvent Plant
  • Ranakpur Oils & Solvants Pvt Ltd, Adoni - Continuous process Solvent Plant
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