The edible oil manufacturing process constitutes the following steps :
Fresh oil seeds are passed over magnets to remove any metal traces, and are also cleansed of any other foreign materials. These cleansed seeds are then ground in order to increase their surface area prior to the pressing process. This ground mix is then heated to facilitate oil extraction.
The heated and ground mix is loaded into a screw press, which progressively raises the pressure as the mix is passed through a slotted barrel. As the pressure from the screw press increases, oil is squeezed out through the slots in the barrel.
After the oil has been recovered through pressing, the leftover oil cake is processed by solvent extraction in order to maximize oil extraction.
Following extraction, the oil is refined, mixed with an alkaline substance then washed in a centrifuge. This process is repeated, following which the oil is filtered/ distilled. It is now ready for packaging. The purpose of the refining process is to rid the oil of bitterness, odor and color.

We have the following capacities and facilities for the production of oil :-

  • 100 tonnes Expeller for crushing of sunflower seeds and ground nuts
  • Decorticator for separating the Groundnut shells from the seeds
  • 250 tonnes Solvent plant for extraction of oil from sunflower and groundnut cakes        
  • 25 tonnes Refinery for refining the raw oil into refined sunflower and groundnut oil
  • 25 tonnes Packing unit for packing the refined edible oil into various packages of 500ml pouch, 1 litre pouch, 5 litres can, 15 litres can, 15 litres tin and 15 kgs tin.
  • Suffecient warehousing facility for storage of raw material and refined oil.

IK Group is known for its quality and ethical practices. We have been in this industry for past 6 decades and our reputation in the surrounding market is an example of our commitment to quality and ethics. The company has been awarded the best SSI in the district and state for its performance and ethical practices.

Every unit in our Group has an independent laboratory with latest equipments and qualified personnel. We have a 99.9% accuracy in our results and our suppliers trust our results. We have implemented several measures to ensure the quality of oil. Some of them are :-
GLC Technology - The Ultimate Test of Purity
Groundnut oil is the premium oil and thus quality and purity is the prime objective. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that the oil is certified by GLC (Gas Liquid Chromatography) Technology. This technology ensures that there is no adulteration of any other oil with Groundnut oil. We ensure that our Groundnut Oil meets the stringent standards set under GLC Technology.
AGMARK is the standard set by the Government of India to ensure the quality of the product. The seal of AGMARK on a product is a symbol of purity and quality in the product. Our products comply with AGMARK standards.
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